Are you open Thanksgiving Day?
We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day in order for our family and our staff’s families to celebrate this holiday.

Are there refunds if guests have to leave due to rain?
No.  We DO NOT refund ticket admission.

Are you closed if it has rained?
If our parking lot is to muddy for cars to park then we are closed due to rain. Please call before departing for the maze to get the latest maze ground onditions.

At what time of the day do you close the maze?
On our general admission days the last paid admission is at the posted closing time. Please see the hour’s section of our website. The ticket booth closes 30 minutes (7:30) prior to closing time.  The maze will remain open 30 minutes (8:30) after closing time.

*Cow train, apple blaster, and hamster wheel close at dark.

How long does it take to walk the maze?
Please visit our orientation area before entering into the maze to learn the method for getting in and out of the maze. Emergency exits are staggered throughout the maze if needed.

Are reservations required for everyone?
No. Reservations are required for school field trips, church groups, scout troops, birthday parties, 4-H clubs, corporations, sports teams, family reunions or any other special group gathering, we have the place for you.  If interested, please send an email to kourtni@rockinkmaze.com

Can I bring my own food to your maze?
No, we do not allow outside food to be brought. We offer a wide variety of food and drinks at our concession stand, along with a picnic area for you to enjoy your meal.

Is the maze haunted?
No. Our focus for the Fall maze is kid and family friendly.

Are you open Halloween night?
No, we will close early on Halloween.

Are you handicapped accessible?
Yes, our maze paths are five foot wide and maze grounds are flat. Please keep in mind our facilities and maze are outdoors. There is grass, dirt pathways and the ground may be uneven at times. We have a wheelchair accessible port-a-potty on site.

Can I smoke while I’m here?
Absolutely NO smoking and NO electronic cigarettes in the corn or hay fields OR even the parking lot!! This is a serious threat to everyone on site, as fields are very flammable! Smoking in or around the maze is a fire hazard and a fire marshal would shut us down if we let people smoke in the maze.

What should I wear?
Keep in mind that you are coming to a working farm. You will be outdoors and walking in grass, dirt  pathways and the ground may be uneven at times. Your best choice is going to be closed toed shoes, boot or sneakers. We do not recommend open toed shoes, sandals, or heels of any kind. We recommend long pants, sunscreen and hats for the greatest comfort. Please dress accordingly.

Can I bring a dog with me?
As much as we love animals, we do not allow dogs on our farm unless they are a service dog.  We will have a scheduled day for dogs.  It will be Sunday, November 12, 2017. Please see  events schedule for more information.

Do I have to pay admission if I don’t want to walk through the maze?
Yes, there is a maze grounds admission fee whether you want to get lost or not!

Why can’t I drink alcoholic beverages in the maze?
Because this is an alcohol free event you need all of your full senses to go through the maze.

Will I get lost in the maze?
That’s part of the fun! We have designed the maze to be an interactive activity that makes a trip inside the maze more than just a walk through the corn. At the entrance of the maze you have the option of taking a “passport.” There are ten questions on the passport that will help you maneuver your way through the maze. Also, for your safety we station “Corn Cops” throughout the maze and have emergency exits in case you want to leave. These employees are there to assist you if you run into trouble.

How do you make the maze?
Our particular method of designing the maze is a trade secret it takes lots of practice and patience. We can tell you that the design is created on a computer and then transferred into the maze acreage. The whole field will be planted in late July and then the design will be implemented when the plants are very short. Each year you can look forward to a new maze design!

Why isn’t the maze planted in corn?
Corn requires twice as much water as hay grazer and little pesky bugs love to eat the corn stalks, destroying their growth potential. Instead we plant hay grazer which is more drought tolerant and bug resistant allowing us to use sustainable agricultural practices on our maze crop, which is safer for the environment and the public.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept major credit cards and debit cards.

Do you accept checks?
No we do not accept personal checks. If you are coming in an organization group, we can accept a business check, but that is the only exception.

What age is the Rockin’ K Corn Maze appropriate for?
One of the wonderful things about the Rockin’ K Corn Maze is the fact that it offers something that everyone can enjoy, from babies to grandparents. Our goal is to make sure everyone in your group leaves with memories they will cherish and can continue to create year after year.