Kids on the Web


Crawlin’ the Web!

Did you think we meant “Kids on the World Wide Web”? Nope! These kids are having fun crawling around on our mock rope spider web. It’s a fun attraction at Rockin’ K Maze — for four-legged critters.

Friendly Faces


And what great teeshirts they’re wearing!

Have you ever seen a nicer bunch of folks? Meet the team who’s in charge of making sure you have FUN at Rockin’ K Maze this year!

Your kids meet our kids


They are both so photogenic!

We have a friendly “flock” of goats that adore attention. This furry guy is saying (see his mouth open?) to reach a little further in and scritchy the ears, please! Oh, and just to clarify, it’s a myth that goats eat anything (like tin cans) — they are actually very picky eaters.

Fresh Eggs!

freshEggsOK, so we told a fib on the sign!

We don’t really have fresh eggs at Rockin’ K Maze, but we have fresh-air fun, fresh popped Kettle Corn, burgers fresh off the grill and more.

But what’s a farm without a few chickens? Kids love visiting with our chicks, who have their own private “screened porch” right here at the edge of the maze. 

What kind of chickens are the? Well, they are … white ones!

Double the Fun!


Loads of fun on the farm!

What is spotted, has 4 heads, and rolls on wheels? That’s easy: It’s one of the little cars of our charming double Cow Train. Kids of all sizes enjoy a bumpity ride around the farm on the Cow Train — and it’s always a popular photo op, too!

It’s aMAZEing but …

Hay! It's still lots of fun!

Hay! It’s still lots of fun!

It’s not corn!

We plant haygrazer for our maze.  Haygrazers are described as crosses of the forage types of sorghum, sorgo, and sudangrasses. It grows tall and thick rather quickly and makes a beautiful maze when all the paths are cut. While cornfield mazes are very popular all over the country, sorghum and haygrazer mazes can be even taller and more dense in growth.